Strata Series


This work is made to order and purely customized for individuals by layering personal materials.

To place an order or any inquiries, please contact to get your own strata stool.

Stool_Erin 01.jpg

Strata Stool_ Erin+Pagoda

10 x 10 x 18 in

This piece is shaped from Erin’s meaningless personal materials such as bed sheet, pillow, scarf that her dog—Pagoda—ripped off.

The stool includes a set of unused kids shampoo that she got it as white elephant Christmas gift that kept her throwing away. This gave her an opportunity to permanently apply these objects into the project.

Stool_Jun 02.jpg

Strata Stool_ Jun

10 x 10 x 19 in

The overall color derives from Jun's personal preference of dark tone. These apparels has been actively worn for over five years and has no longer been used until integrating with the Strata.

Disposing worn clothes was Jun's routine and this opportunity gave him a new way of remembering the past.

Stool_Studio disposals 01.jpg

Strata Stool_ Studio 515 J.ave

18 x 7 x 15 in

Studio 515 is the artist's workspace and her studio disposals includes stripped screws, back covers of sticky sheet, used ‘latex-free’ gloves, cut off/leftover materials, and old workwear.

The combination illustrates her workflow and represents her most used tools for production.