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Zari is a surface that people can sit on. But when I heard the word ‘to sit’, the first thing that comes up in my mind is like in this sequence: to sit on the floor; to sit like squat; to sit on the chair. Because of my different understanding of language— Scroll chair is born from the composition of thoughts— a hybrid of floor furniture and chair that can be compatible for both cultures. It looks like a scroll with a shoulder strap, but can spread like a floor mat and is transformable into a floor chair. It is a flat portable furniture, perfect for nomadists and enables them to create their private surface anywhere. It works best when it interacts with the human body, using the tension between one’s weight and its structure. The chair frame is inspired by the Hanok structure, therefore it keeps the Korean cultural identities embodied into a chair. This is not just a floor pillow— you can install it on any surfaces where you want to stay, sit, pause for a while, and take a rest.

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Hayoung Lee