The Modern PS


Pyung-sang is a Korean multi-purpose flat furniture that usually consists of 2-4 wooden square platforms. These modular pieces are combined together and create a wide open space. It is a low wooden outdoor furniture used as a bench, patio, bed, or even table working as an open shelter under the trees for people to rest and relax.  It is considered as the outdoor ‘floor’ where we share with people, even with strangers, to sit, lean, lie upon, enjoy and use as a dining table or as a desk for reading. This communal furniture—Pyungsang— is a narrative furniture object.

ps 1.jpg

When you use only one modular piece, you can use it either a tea table or a lounge bench depending on your needs. You can also adding trays, pillows, or any other components to indicate its functionalities. Originally designed for people from Floor culture. For those who are not from Floor-based life, they can place it as a tea table next to the sofa, or can be a summer bed. 


When Pyungsang pieces are combined one to another both vertically and horizontally, it forms a communicative landscape. Like 'ㅁ', one of the Korean letter 'Hangeul', the shape guides people to gather around sharing the middle space.  It can be 'L' shape that illustrates the continuous mountainous line that allows people to have more private spaces.

Hayoung Lee