Fossil Series

'Fossil Series' first emerged from the hypothetical theory 'The Evolution Theory of Furniture' written by me, Hayoung Lee. The basic notion is that 'Furniture' and 'Fossil' shares the parallel life cycle- "Usable things are alive. Unusable things are dead." Thus, I view furniture has been evolving in various ways, aesthetically and functionally, to adapt, to survive from the rapid-changing culture. I collected disposed things from my surroundings. Firstly, I got a bag of cow bones from the butcher's and some rusty metal scraps. I let them evolve in a usable furniture. I revived them with my imagination, theory and ART-ificial respiration. I am the alchemist who magically bring the life back to dead things.


Fossil 01 + 02

Wall lighting / Pendant Lighting
Made from cow bones, resin putty, enamel inlaid with mother-of-pearl & abalone

Fossil 03

3-Metal leg-Stool with a cow thigh bone seat.

Fossil 04

Dear. Deer Tea Table
Resin putty, Bronze pigment, Acrylic. (No real cow bones included)