Strata Stool Series

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Strata Stool Series is a collection of stools using reclaimed materials.

Inspired by geologic formations, the Strata Stools are made out of flexible polyurethane foam, with layers of various materials collected from surroundings, such as used clothes from my wardrobe, studio disposals, and kitchen materials.

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strata stool material 01.jpg

Bags of saw dusts collected from RISD woodshop (above)


" Furniture is memorial in conversation with one's history "

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It has a diagonally concave top illustrating contour lines that also supports the human body softly.

Each stool has a soft and squishy top, as well as an individual bottom with unique ingredients in stratum.

The stool itself is a tactile record of one’s memory, history, and identity.

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Hayoung Lee